Tatsiana Martynava

Judicious and calculated in her approach, Tatsiana takes the time to carefully weigh risk against opportunity before leaping into action. But when she does decide to leap, moving on a project, orchestrating a new financial strategy or refining her day-to-day workflow, she executes swiftly, continuously chasing new opportunities to automate repetitive tasks and replace bottlenecks with efficiency. As a detail-oriented, analytical thinker who feels at home in the numbers, she has always gravitated toward business environments that value the mathematical undercurrent that keeps them afloat—qualities that ultimately drew her to Navigate. 

As a back-office leader, Tatsiana is the maestro behind the financial curtain at Navigate, applying her strong technical knowledge and organizational skills to execute on a mixed bag of high-impact responsibilities—everything from recordkeeping, treasury and payroll to tax and financial reporting. Most days she is the invisible hand tying organizational changes to a dollar figure, but she is also a skilled educator—translating complex topics into layman’s terms to empower her colleagues with the information they need to thoroughly understand how a certain event would affect the financials.

With over 10 years of experience, Tatsiana has experienced the full spectrum of industries and company environments, embedding herself in both public and private accounting roles that allowed her to flex different muscles. In public accounting, Tatsiana put on her auditor hat and honed the process-centrism and prioritization skills that primed her for the more strategic, dynamic roles she held in the private sector at organizations like Dechert, a leading global law firm. She attributes her continual upward motion to asking the right questions and regularly zooming out to see the complete picture. 

When Tatsiana doesn’t have her nose in a spreadsheet, adjusting formulas and QA’ing calculations, she’s soaking up all that the great outdoors has to offer. A former city dweller, she is captivated by the natural splendor of the Pennsylvanian landscape. Throughout her life, her wanderlust has taken her to a variety of far-away places and exposed her to a colorful array of cultures. 

Get to Know Tatsiana
I could teach you how to
Count in Russian
My favorite book
The Master and Margarita by M. Bulgakov
Where did you grow up?
Mogilev, Belarus
Most adventurous experience
Three-month secondment that took me to Dubai, Australia and New Zealand
My hobbies
Enjoying my garden, walking, running and cooking

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