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Transformation Through Employee and Customer Experience

Employee experience (EX) is the sum of all interactions employees have during their tenure with a company. Each encounter with leadership, managers, teams, HR, IT, finance, the physical space, and the perception of corporate culture contribute to an employee’s overall experience. Oftentimes, organizations focus only on one – or at most a few – of these critical factors when looking to understand or improve the employee experience. At Navigate, we take a comprehensive view, factoring in both complexity and nuance in helping our clients create exceptional employee experiences. Our empathy-led approach enables clients to understand employee needs and motivations, and to use that information to create initiatives that drive meaningful improvement.

Customer experience (CX), in many ways, extends the benefits of an employee experience program, reaching into the marketplace and directly interacting with customers. When done well, an effective CX program empowers employees to approach each customer situation with empathy and intention. The result is the co-creation of meaningful experiences that resonate with customers, and drive total customer value, including engagement, loyalty, differentiation, and overall satisfaction.

Navigate’s seasoned team of consultants brings a multidisciplinary approach to client engagements, drawing on industry-leading practices and capabilities.

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