About Us

We take your business seriously – not ourselves.

Simply put, Navigate is a management consulting firm that helps clients solve their business problems.

Imagine a consulting provider who is committed to your success.  A true partner, with a relationship based on trust and candor – not just there to tell you what you want to hear and not afraid to share perspectives, even if it prevents them from being involved with a project.

Imagine a firm with consultants who don’t take themselves too seriously, who don’t use big words or fancy consulting speak and who demonstrate real empathy for their clients.  That firm is Navigate.

CEO and Managing Partner Rob Kathol founded Navigate in 2005 with the mission to build a consulting firm focused on strengthening collaboration between executive management, business operations and technology.  He recognized the need for a different kind of consulting firm; one that delivers objective advice and creative solutions for its clients, who is 100% committed to the relationship and is enjoyable to work with.

While Navigate has grown significantly since its founding days – expanding its service offerings and adding to its talented team – we remain committed to Rob’s original mission.
Better Experience.  Better Outcome.

Not just a tagline, a delivery philosophy.  Providing a superior team of people and flexibility in every sense of the word is what we mean by a better experience. Partnering with our clients to go beyond the stated deliverable to provide real results is what we mean by a better outcome.

We hire only seasoned professionals, but with diverse backgrounds – often with large and small-firm consulting, and regulated and non-regulated industry experience and roles, at various operational and executive levels. All combined, we are able to offer our clients different ways of thinking. But, it’s not just about who we are on paper, it’s about the quality of our people – men and women who have their priorities in order but put their professional careers and clients as far in front as possible. Our culture is important to us and our team drives our culture – our clients have a better experience because of our employees. Our people really are what make us better.

So what about the seagull? The seagull – seen in our logo – was chosen to symbolize our commitment to serving as strategic advisors to our clients. Historically, these birds indicated to sailors that land was near, and provided direction for a safe landing. In a similar way, we develop strong relationships with clients, and guide them toward achieving their business goals.
Change Management Done Right
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