Organizational Transformation with Purpose: Amy Marshall Joins Navigate as Partner
February 15, 2024
February 15, 2024

At Navigate, we work with clients who are constantly seeking fresh ways to fuel innovation and thrive in an era of perpetual change and disruption. But the journey is challenging and the victories are hard-won. Which is why we are excited to welcome new partner Amy Marshall, an organizational transformation leader with a track record for guiding teams through complex change. While especially diverse in her experience, Amy has consistently targeted the oft-overlooked bridge from strategy to execution: cultural change.

Amy has worked across many industries, business functions, and organizations, but the common thread weaving her 20-year client service career together is an unwavering commitment to marrying business results with employee experience. As a managing director at Slalom Consulting, Amy spearheaded multiple New York-based service areas concurrently, including the market’s organizational effectiveness, strategy and operations, and customer strategy practices, thus developing a unique ability to develop and deploy multi-disciplinary and diverse teams. She also led internal hiring and talent growth initiatives, with a focus on DEI culture-building and developing leaders. She played a pivotal role in developing unique client programs aimed at building internal capabilities to scale change, embedding knowledge management practices, personalizing learning experiences, and developing a culture of sustainability.

“Amy’s innate curiosity and insight into human behavior—what motivates employees, how they cope with change, unspoken conflicts and complexities, and what they need to meaningfully contribute to customer and business priorities—is invaluable to organizations tackling complex growth challenges,” shared Melissa Dimitri, Navigate Managing Partner. “As a key leader in our organization and talent practice, Amy is in a perfect position to help our clients shape their culture while implementing new strategies, technologies, and processes that will drive growth.”

For Amy, joining the Navigate leadership team felt like a natural next step, especially as she learned more about the firm’s mission and values. The thoughtful choices of building our firm to bridge traditional silos internally and at our clients was particularly attractive. 

“It’s been decades since Peter Drucker’s ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ entered popular business management thinking, but most organizations still struggle to put a focus on cultural changes needed to execute successful strategy. In my career, whether working on operating model changes, process redesign, capability building programs, talent strategy, technology transformation, or leadership alignment, I see culture manifest itself as measurable, observable behaviors,” explained Amy. “There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ culture, but when a client says, ‘We want to be more innovative,’ our job is to help them figure out exactly what that looks like, how their values and culture align (or don’t) to their business strategy, and how we can translate innovation across their teams to effect change. It’s not strategy vs. culture, but how do they work together. I’m excited to dig into our clients’ most complex, cross-functional strategic projects and build tailored solutions with the ‘right for them’ culture.”

To learn more about Amy and her take on creating more inclusive, equitable, and effective organizations, check out her Q&A.