Operating Model

Achieving new ways of working often requires an overhaul of your operating model. From leadership alignment to supply chain optimization, we help you map out—and implement—strategies that empower your people to transform your business.

Economic uncertainty, the war for talent and ever-emerging technologies have fundamentally changed the business landscape.

There is an opportunity to grow sales and improve your market position in this apparent chaos, but it’s hard-won. It requires updating your business model, getting your operations and processes as efficient as possible and identifying the technology that will get you there and keep you ahead of the pack.

We drive transformational change and empower employees to work in new ways that create a better experience for your customers.

And we don’t jump ship after the plan’s been crafted—we stay connected all the way through to ensure those plans are humming along and producing results. Most importantly, we have a successful track record of figuring out the hardest part: sustained, enterprise-wide adoption—from the board room all the way down to the grassroots.

Our Operating Model Transformation service offerings include:

Leadership Alignment

Your leadership team must be aligned on strategy and equipped to lead through the changes ahead. We chart a path forward to help you operate more effectively, resolve conflict, improve decision-making and collaborate as a cohesive unit.

New Ways of Working

We help organizations implement and adapt to Agile, Lean and other cross-functional structures to increase flexibility and improve efficiency. We apply human-centered design approaches to rejuvenate innovation and help your teams deliver higher-value service to customers with a better employee experience.

Supply Chain Optimization

Our approach helps you look beyond cost-saving measures and embrace the mindset shift required to meet customer expectations, marrying financial and customer service performance goals.

Talent Enablement

We support a full spectrum of enablement services, from workforce planning and talent selection to employee engagement and performance management. Using a data-driven approach, we help you identify and engage the right people with the necessary skills to achieve your targeted goals, whether that’s customer experience optimization or operational performance improvement.

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