Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Do you struggle to anticipate, define, and mitigate the key risks you’re facing?

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The enterprise-level risks that companies face can significantly affect all aspects of an organization – including financial performance, operations, processes, and reputation. The solution is Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), a proven framework that supports a top-down, enterprise-wide approach to understanding and responding to risk. While ERM has been a prevailing management practice for close to two decades, many organizations still struggle to take full advantage of its capabilities.

You may need ERM support if you:

  • Have an ERM program in place that has grown stagnant, focusing on the same risks and action plans year-over-year
  • Have difficulty convincing senior leadership of the value of ERM
  • Have a hard time identifying risks that are “outside of the box”
  • Have overlapping risk programs that employ varying approaches
  • Need to incorporate a data-driven mindset into an existing ERM program
  • Want to incorporate ERM principles within a business unit or corporate function

Navigate’s Approach to Enterprise Risk Management


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Our approach to ERM borrows from innovative principles of Design Thinking and helps you empathetically identify the risks your key stakeholders face, understand how they are related, and recognize how they can be proactively addressed. We integrate sustainable risk management practices across organizational silos, while enabling your leadership to easily identify and prioritize the critical risks most likely to impact your organization over the short and long term.

Our team can help you to more definitively predict specific risks; define how they are linked to goals, initiatives, and business processes; and agree on which risks could most seriously impact the business. We will then design and execute process improvements to respond to high-priority risks. Learn more.

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Our proven templates, strong facilitation, and robust project and change management capabilities will help drive efficient and successful outcomes. Contact us at [email protected] or 484.383.0606 to learn more.

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