Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Are you proactively securing and protecting your data?

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More regulations related to securing and protecting consumer data are expected to pass, requiring companies to disclose what information they have about consumers and with whom they are sharing it. Those who are proactive about enhancing their privacy policies and practices will benefit from the ability to appropriately plan for and execute the required changes with minimal disruption to ongoing business activities.

You may require support if you:

  • Need help achieving compliance
  • Want to implement a new data privacy program and need communications and change management support to promote adoption of new or enhanced processes
  • Are looking to acquire a software solution to help automate privacy processes
  • Want to demonstrate accountability for your consumers’ data and prioritize trust and transparency

Navigate’s Approach to Data Privacy

We work with your organization to define strategic objectives and alignment, provide leadership, and drive governance, accountability, and project management discipline. Our approach supports timely and cost-effective compliance remediation efforts in a manner aligned to your overall goals and risk appetite.

By accounting for communications and change management needs in all aspects of project execution, we ensure that short and long-term sustainability is top of mind.

Our extensive experience in enabling technology allows us to effectively scope requirements for and procure technology solutions that help to optimize privacy processes across your organization.

Our Experience

Check out some of our recent data privacy engagements to learn more about our approach and the potential outcomes you could experience by working with our team.

Serving as a Strategic Advisor and Project Management Office to Support Global GDPR Compliance
The privacy office at a global medical device company needed to achieve compliance in line with the new regulation, and the executive team knew that the complex project would involve many internal and external parties. In addition, the company had recently completed an acquisition, which added to the regulatory and internal challenges. We came on board as their strategic project management function to align the company’s GDPR remediation efforts with their overall goals.
Read it now and visit our GDPR Resource Center for additional insights related to the regulation.

Contact Us

We can help you measure your current performance against compliance requirements or proactively implement new data privacy programs or optimize existing programs. Contact us at [email protected] or 484.383.0606 to learn more.

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