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A robust, top-down security infrastructure will ensure that you are poised to prevent, deter, and respond to cyber threats.

You may need cybersecurity support if you:

  • Do not have a dedicated cybersecurity program
  • Lack the organizational structure required to maintain a robust cybersecurity program
  • Need to train your employees on how to protect company data
  • Do business in a highly regulated industry or need to comply with evolving legislative requirements related to cybersecurity
  • Need guidance regarding cybersecurity software or other external solutions

Navigate’s Approach to Cybersecurity

Our approach to cybersecurity starts with an assessment of your current-state ability to protect your networks and company data. We then develop and execute plans to address areas of weakness and ensure continuous improvement to stay ahead of new threats. With effective governance and training, we embed high-impact controls, policies, and procedures to avoid catastrophic breaches that risk both significant financial loss and damage to your reputation.

Our Services

Our offerings are all completely customizable and tailored to meet your company’s needs – and the needs of your customers or employees.

We will create a comprehensive cybersecurity risk strategy with reporting requirements and a system of accountability to ensure proper ownership of risks and controls.

We will diligently assess the specific functions, processes, and systems within your company that protect valuable and sensitive data.

Technology Selection and Implementation
We will help you select and implement practical and effective solutions to remediate cybersecurity risks.

Change Management
We will develop a comprehensive change management plan to promote the successful adoption of new technology and related initiatives.

We will craft a full-scale training strategy that ensures employees are empowered to appropriately protect your data.

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We can help you proactively address the evolving threat of cybercrime. Contact us at [email protected] or 484.383.0606 to learn more.

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