Project Rescue

Project Rescue

Even the most carefully made plans can fall short of expectations.

Most companies have been there at one time or another – a project is significantly off track with escalating costs and repeatedly missed timelines, or a team is cutting corners to “check the box” and report progress. Not only are failing projects a significant loss of investment but they can spread negativity and reflect poorly on those involved. Often, a very difficult question must be answered – should the project continue?

At Navigate, we recognize the sensitivity and urgency a struggling project instills. With prompt assessments and candid communication, we work to identify the issues and opportunities, and guide the project to its best completion. We have the experience and leadership to help you regain control and achieve your objectives. And, if necessary, the objectivity to answer that difficult question.

Navigate Success Story

Project Rescue for a Pharmaceutical Company


A large pharmaceutical company was in the process of implementing its first global ERP system, however, the project was behind schedule and over budget. The team was struggling to close out the blueprint phase of the project due to scope, process and resource issues.  Navigate was brought in to triage and remediate existing issues and to manage the project through to successful completion.


Navigate worked with the client to assess the desired program outcomes and existing barriers to success; establish accountability and ownership through improved governance, enforced deadlines, and improved progress monitoring, while functioning as a point of escalation for key project issues; enhance team communications by moderating team meetings to keep discussions on track, providing formal and consistent documentation of key project communications, and publishing relevant content to stakeholders; improve the scheduling, management and tracking of work effort; and enhance controls over cost, scope and risk management throughout the project to proactively identify issues, establish a mitigation plan and keep the project on track.


Navigate developed a “Reconciliation Plan” that included a successful implementation of ERP system, on schedule with mitigated budget issues; engagement of the project team, with well-attended project meetings and streamlined communications; and achievement of CRM ERP project objectives including customer data management, customer insight, pipeline visibility, and sales activity management.

Does Your Organization:

  • See that a current project that is losing money, exceeding its expected timeline and resource use, or simply not on track to achieve its objectives
  • Witness a high number of project change requests
  • Replace more than one vendor during a project
  • Have a history of unsuccessful projects
  • Harbor concerns about a project’s leadership
  • Experience minimal reporting and communication practices regarding project status
  • Execute an inadequate approach to change management

What You Can Expect from Navigate:

  • Candid advice on whether the project should, in fact, continue
  • Hands-on approach to working with your team to identify and resolve project issues
  • Recommended tactics with proven success, tailored to your company’s needs and culture
  • Revised plan to move forward with your project until completion
  • Change management to help the project team adjust to the revised plan
  • Detailed findings from an assessment of the challenges and lessons learned in order to prevent the same problems from recurring
Change Management Done Right
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