Program Management Office

Program Management Office

A Program Management Office (PMO), when developed to meet your unique business objectives and culture, establishes standardized practices and delivery systems; provides management and data collection tools; and offers project support across your organization and throughout the life of each project.

By centralizing the PMO within your organization, you will align the function to corporate goals and gain a better perspective on resource allocations, financial data, project status communication, and key risk considerations. Management will also have access to enhanced decision support when faced with changes to the enterprise business strategy.

Navigate Success Story

Implementing an Enterprise PMO for a Large Energy Company


A large energy company was about to embark on a multi-year business transformation program. To support the program, and other enterprise-wide projects, Navigate implemented an Enterprise Program Management Office.


Navigate worked with the client to assess the current project management maturity; define the PMO strategy to fit the organizational needs (e.g., organizational model, scope, charter); design the PMO organizational chart, business processes, tools, templates, and technology needs; develop and deploy change management and training activities to support adoption; and conduct pilot projects to refine and sustain the PMO.


The client benefited from Navigate’s efforts through the alignment to the overall strategic goals of the organization; a “Right fit” design based on targeted requirements derived from a detailed current state assessment; clear expectations of PMO resource roles; ability to test newly implemented tools and templates and address any issues before release; deployment approach aligned with anticipated absorption rate; methods, processes and tools that remain relevant in a changing business landscape; establishment of a core group of self-sufficient project managers; support structure for newly identified methods, processes, and tools.

Does Your Organization:

  • Have a lack of alignment of an existing Program Management Office (PMO) with overall organizational objectives
  • Struggle to manage large, complex projects
  • Lack consistent processes to manage project quality throughout your organization
  • See inconsistent internal project status reporting
  • Offer limited resources for project management roles, and inefficient time management
  • Lack of perspective on how projects affect each other
  • See difficulty prioritizing and mobilizing projects
  • Have a history of incomplete or failed projects, or projects that regularly exceed the planned budget and timeline
  • Have a failing or previously failed PMO
  • Have a PMO that demands constant administration but delivers little to no value
  • Witness business units that don’t utilize or see the value in a PMO
  • Lack of control over project finances

What You Can Expect from Navigate:

  • A flexible PMO solution designed to meet your specific needs and culture – not an established model that is applied to every client
  • Standardization of processes and templates that work for your organization and align with its strategy
  • A management structure that adds value, not administrative burden or bureaucracy
  • Process improvement that reduces burden on internal project resources
  • More accurate financial reporting and budgeting related to projects
  • Greater ability to leverage resources, capabilities, and lessons learned throughout the company
  • A structure that drives accountability
  • Optimized use of existing enterprise technology
  • Change management tactics to ensure project success
  • A support structure built to matched your specific needs, whether as its own team or supplementing an existing project team
Change Management Done Right
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