Process Improvement

Process Improvement

You’ve invested in the most cutting-edge technology, developed a strong business strategy, and feel confident in your current resource base. However, if business processes are not operating at peak performance, you will likely still struggle to achieve optimal results.

Navigate’s experienced and objective perspective allows organizations to more clearly see the strengths and weaknesses in their current processes, and consider ways to maximize overall efficiency. Our well-honed, yet tailored framework includes key phases – from Plan & Discovery, through Analysis & Design, on to Gap Analysis & Roadmap, and finally Execution – through which we create and implement a unique solution to drive performance and productivity.

Navigate Success Story

Financial Operations Assessment for a Software and Professional Services Provider in the Life Sciences Industry


Our client was struggling with inefficient business processes and an inability to effectively forecast and report project profitability, resource utilization, and other metrics used to assess financial health. The CFO wanted the ability to effectively track and manage key operational and financial metrics, including project-level profitability, within their overall “contact-to-cash” process.


Navigate worked with the client to:

– Document the current-state business process (including supporting organizational roles and technology) for the two primary business units
– Identify high-level business requirements and functionality of a desired future-state solution
– Determine if any existing business applications can support Bracket’s desired future-state solution
– Identify and execute short term improvement opportunities
– Develop a high-level plan to achieve the desired future-state


Navigate drove the following outcomes:

– Informed a comprehensive understanding of the “contact-to-cash” operating model, including detailed workflows and existing process and organizational gaps
– Implementation of key short-term improvements, including the ability to manually track and report on project-level profitability
– Gained client leadership alignment on highest priority functional needs and a vision for a long-term future-state solution
– A defined prioritization strategy and supporting roadmap for future improvements

Does Your Organization:

  • Execute processes which are not keeping pace with business needs
  • See deteriorating profit margins due to escalating costs
  • Experience minimal understanding of the impact of technology or change on core processes
  • Have unrealized expectations from a process investment

What You Can Expect from Navigate:

  • Detailed assessment of current processes, specifically their challenges and opportunities for improvement, followed by practical plan and accompanying support to seamlessly implement tailored solutions
  • Enhanced and sustainable visibility into the processes of the organization and their level of effectiveness
  • More efficient and productive processes, with systems in place for continuous improvement
  • Increased productivity and client satisfaction as a result of more streamlined and efficient operations
Change Management Done Right
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