Business Area Effectiveness

Business Area Effectiveness

When taking a broad view of an organization, a single unit or function sometimes emerges as particularly in need of attention – whether it lacks the right support, quality control, or alignment to strategic objectives.

Taking the time to focus on this area and help get it back on track can make a significant impact on the overall business.

Navigate works with clients in a variety of industries to help thoroughly assess the performance of an important function – such as HR, Marketing/Sales, Finance, or IT – and identify opportunities for improvement. With an actionable plan in place, clients quickly realize the impact key adjustments in one area can have on their entire organization.

Navigate Success Story

Business Unit Performance Review for a Large Software Company


The client wanted to assess the performance of a key business function, to ensure that it was efficient, aligned with enterprise strategy, and delivering the expected outcome.


Navigate evaluated the business function to help the business understand effectiveness, value and contribution to short and long term objectives. This included conducting interviews with key stakeholders; analyzing the function and providing an assessment of the current state; designing the required future state of the business function in order to maximize performance; developing a roadmap with an actionable plan for closing gaps and building consensus with project sponsors and stakeholders; reviewing the necessary path forward with executive management.


The client benefited from Navigate’s efforts through establishing and formalizing a common understanding of management expectations for the business function; benchmarking the business function’s current state against leading industry practices; maintaining a clear, actionable plan to achieve the necessary state of performance and align the function with key business initiatives; understanding data available to drive decisions related to investments in the business function.

Does Your Organization:

  • Have a business unit that is underperforming or could use a thorough assessment
  • Have a lack of collaboration throughout the business, or the sense that your employees focus on what’s important to their own business area, rather than the business overall
  • Need to assess a newly integrated business function as a result of a recent merger or acquisition

What You Can Expect from Navigate:

  • Knowledge-based insight into strengths and weaknesses that impact specific business unit performance
  • Objective and feasible recommendations accompanied by an actionable work plan to promptly improve productivity
  • A solution that will encompass how processes, technology, and resources can collaborate for maximum results
  • Clearer ownership of business area responsibilities and control mechanisms to maintain focus on key objectives
Change Management Done Right
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