Business Analytics

Business Analytics

The amount and complexity of data collected by today’s businesses can provide significant value to a company’s strategy – but it can also be overwhelming to fully assess and analyze in a useful way.

When an immediate opportunity or challenge presents itself, how do you quickly evaluate the information you have and make the best decision for your business?

Navigate regularly helps clients carefully consider their proprietary data and data sources in order to bring clarity to current issues. Through this process, organizations benefit from increased visibility and capability to evaluate performance, set appropriate goals for future productivity, and make better-informed decisions overall.

Navigate Success Story

Business Case Creation for a Fortune 50 Communications and Media Company


The client experienced an ineffective delivery of product informational materials to customers, which resulted in a high-volume of calls into its customer care group along with a corresponding rise in operating cost.


Navigate was tasked with building a business case to validate a few alternatives for introducing a new delivery mechanism so as to ensure key product information gets to customers. Navigate’s work involved identifying and partnering with stakeholders from various business functions to collect data and understand current state cost inputs; developing a model to predict sales and the necessary accompanying product materials; analyzing data inputs and leveraging the model to forecast future cost savings; and recommending a new delivery mechanism based on business case findings.


The client was armed with a tool to make key business decisions and more accurately anticipate reduction in expense. The output of the business case forecasted significant annual cost savings, driven by a deflection of customer care and service-on-install calls.

Does Your Organization:

  • Have the need for better insight into and management of the costs and services of suppliers
  • Lack of standardization and quality in workflow activities and data, making it difficult to properly analyze performance and other metrics
  • Experience business problems involving complicated data sets that need analysis
  • Collect data with no understanding of its value or use

What You Can Expect from Navigate:

  • Professionals with extensive experience evaluating and analyzing data into a meaningful report
  • Prompt and clear analysis of data in order to enable knowledge-based decision-making
  • Enhanced visibility into the data that drives client objectives
  • The ability to make smarter decisions based on more organized and meaningful data collection and analysis
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