IT Effectiveness

IT Effectiveness

IT is integral across business operations – how IT is perceived within the company should represent its level of importance.

Leadership must ensure that the company is making the best investments in systems, resources, and support, so that the IT function can fully meet the needs of its internal clients and focus on initiatives that drive company objectives.

Following a thorough assessment of your IT organization, Navigate helps clients articulate strengths and challenges, makes recommendations for adjustments that will more effectively promote business goals, and delivers an implementation roadmap that you can put into action to drive additional value from your IT organization. We can also guide the transition of IT into a more visible and valued position within your company, helping to shape and execute on your business strategy.

Navigate Success Story

Process and Standards for a Health Services Provider


The client is a leading provider of health services to Southern New Jersey, serving more than half a million patients each year with a workforce comprised of 5,000 employees. Due to the rising cost of software licenses, HIPAA security scrutiny and increased employee on/off-boarding timelines, the client needed to define a new set business standards that aligned software access rights and permissions while mitigating potential security and HIPAA risks.


Navigate collaborated with the client to create a user provisioning report that listed all users and system access needs; analyze current state and forecasted software license needs; develop process and procedures for re-aligning non-essential software licenses; and define the requirements and roadmap for an automated user provisioning system.


With Navigate’s guidance, the client established and aligned software licenses to essential cross-departmental user profiles, resulting in a license fee cost savings; instituted a licensing governance process to ensure compliance with user profile distribution; implemented an automated user provisioning platform, resulting in the reduction of employee on / off-boarding timelines.

Does Your Organization:

  • Have concerns about IT’s performance – for example, organizational alignment, help desk support, or development of a multi-year strategy and budget.
  • Anticipate future change, such as a merger, and need to develop a plan to integrate systems and support processes.
  • See the need for IT to help solve company-wide problems as a key partner in the business.
  • Foresee changes underway within your business strategy, and need IT to adjust accordingly.
  • Harbor concerns regarding whether you are managing people, assets, and internal clients appropriately from an IT standpoint.

What You Can Expect from Navigate:

  • Deep IT knowledge to help identify issues and build customized solutions suited for your company.
  • Detailed execution plan to help improve efficiency, with consideration of your organization’s strengths, challenges, and culture.
  • Seasoned leadership to guide the process and work seamlessly with your team.
  • Improved IT performance, including departmental satisfaction, increased strategic role involvement, and overall greater efficiency.
  • Greater IT leadership involvement in ongoing development of company strategy.
Change Management Done Right
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