Information Management

Information Management

The most successful organizations in the digital age are, quite simply, those who most effectively manage information.

These high-performing companies proactively align their data and information assets with their business goals to drive smarter decision-making and better outcomes.

Navigate helps clients leverage their valuable data through a clearly defined management strategy, enabling appropriate technology, and structured governance. We first gain a firm understanding of a client’s business objectives and then support them through a right-sized approach that incorporates both information management and analytics capabilities. By avoiding unnecessary technologies and over-engineered solutions, we provide the data access and integrity that clients need to make knowledge-based decisions and drive their goals in a cost-effective manner.

Navigate Success Story

Data Governance for an Energy Utility Company


A large regional energy utility engaged Navigate to assist in establishing a Data Governance Program as part of a large-scale enterprise transformation initiative. The client realized that new projects were initiated with limited consideration to data related design, resulting in negative downstream effects on the quality and consistency of data in other systems.


Navigate worked with the client to develop a Data Governance capability maturity model; design and implement the Data Governance Committee and overall function; select and implement a data dictionary and business glossary tool; and execute data profiling.


Navigate designed, developed and operationalized a Data Governance Committee with the following outcomes and benefits, including improved collaboration and partnership between the Business and IT, including a shared vision and objectives for enterprise data management; alignment of data strategy with the business plan; improved understanding of data elements and their relation to business terms; one consistent source of truth for data elements; better decision support, including reduction in data issues impacting report accuracy and availability; and improved visibility to enterprise project costs.

Does Your Organization:

  • Harbor concerns that your data management policies are not compliant with relevant regulations or guidelines.
  • Have information gathered and organized, but no process for leveraging it to drive business objectives.
  • Experience concerns regarding potential data breaches or other security threats.
  • Currently have no formal data security system in place.
  • Store a large amount of various forms of content – scanned documents, emails, product images, etc. – with no structure to store, categorize, and share it across the organization.

What You Can Expect from Navigate:

  • Comprehensive assessment of your current data and information assets, and identification of areas for improvement.
  • Consolidated, streamlined process for transforming disparate sources of data into uniform and actionable information. Your solution might include enterprise data warehousing or other business intelligence tools that make sense for your organization.
  • A broad-based strategy for information management that encompasses data governance to ensure consistency, accountability, and improved information quality.
  • A data security solution designed and implemented to meet your organization’s requirements and culture.
  • Guidance in the selection of an enterprise content management system to gather, organize, and effectively use your many digital assets.
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