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Enterprise Solutions

Are your technology investments living up to expectations?

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Today’s marketplace offers a range of enterprise solutions to enhance or replace your existing systems and more effectively support the strategic objectives of your business. However, without a strategy in place to ensure changes are directly tied to the goals of your business, it’s all too easy to waste resources and fall short of expectations.

We can help if you:

  • See operational inefficiencies that could be improved with an enterprise technology.
  • Consistently rely on outdated technology or manual processes.
  • Need to prepare your employees and infrastructure for a new technology investment.
  • Struggle to realize the expected outcomes for a technology investment.

Navigate’s Approach to Enterprise Solutions

Navigate’s unique approach to enterprise solutions enables organizational effectiveness by focusing on the role of technology, as well as processes and people. In doing so, we position you to achieve both quick wins and long-term success. Our Enterprise Solutions Framework ensures that your technology aligns with the needs of your business, and we are 100 percent vendor-agnostic – meaning we are not tied to any particular solution. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you are capturing value.

Our Services

Our offerings are all completely customizable and tailored to meet your company’s needs – and the needs of your customers or employees. We can provide support throughout the lifecycle or for a specific phase of the process across all functional areas.

We will help you understand the problem or opportunity, define expected outcomes, and identify gaps, pain points, and inefficiencies. We will also create a business case that qualifies the need for the technology, outlines the investment, and evaluates the potential benefits and impact.

We will help you make an informed and objective decision, ensuring that your selected solution aligns with your requirements.

We will help you establish and execute robust change and project management strategies to position your implementation for success, driving accountability and establishing a post-go-live support model.

We will help your team measure the benefits of the implementation against the original business case, while providing support to maximize success.

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Our Experience

Check out our recent Enterprise Solutions engagements to learn more about our approach and the potential outcomes you could experience by leveraging our framework.

Implementing New Technology to Streamline HR Business Processes and Improve Data Accuracy
The HR department at a prestigious, national, full-service law firm was relying on outdated, legacy platforms to execute their routine processes and functions, which required inefficient manual workarounds and led to widespread data discrepancies. We came on board to assess their current state and provide recommendations for moving forward, leveraging our HRIS Solution Framework to help them select and implement a new system to achieve their desired outcomes.
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Contact Us

Whether you are just beginning to define your business needs, have already chosen a solution, or are trying to improve ROI from an existing enterprise solution investment, we have the expertise to help you achieve value and success. Request for more information about Enterprise Solutions service [email protected] or 484.383.0606 to discuss your specific situation and to learn more about how we can help.

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