Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Are you supporting the needs of your customers – or your business?

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Design Thinking is an alternate approach to problem solving. Unlike traditional solution delivery methods and product development, which start with an end state in mind, Design Thinking revolves around empathy and problem framing, with a focus on developing a true understanding of the people the solution is being designed for. Solutions are then crafted via an unencumbered approach that fulfills the audience’s needs through iterative product delivery.

Is Design Thinking right for your organization? Do you:

  • Need to increase engagement with customers or employees?
  • Struggle to foster alignment between product, sales, operations, and technology teams to deliver products and services?
  • Experience difficulty identifying and delivering new and innovative solutions for the marketplace?
  • Struggle to differentiate your products and services from key competitors?
  • Have a complicated organizational structure that delays bringing new products and services to market in a timely, efficient manner?

Navigate’s Approach to Design Thinking


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The typical Design Thinking framework leverages the following steps: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test, and Iterate. We take this proven framework and expand it in both directions, while embedding the concepts of empathy and iteration at every step. Our unique, expanded approach to Design Thinking ensures we deliver creative, impactful solutions for complicated problems.

Our Services

Our offerings are all completely customizable and tailored to meet your company’s needs – and the needs of your customers or employees.

Academy: Change Minds
We will equip your team with Design Thinking tools and skills through our hands-on, application-based training program.

Advisory: Change Behaviors
We will provide on-site support and deliver strategic guidance on integrating Design Thinking practices into your existing business processes.

Consulting: Change Your Business
We will partner with you to stand up and deliver in-house Design Thinking capabilities and enable you to create best-in-class products or services on an on-going basis, resulting in better outcomes across your organization.

Learn more about our services here.

Our Experience

Check out our recent Design Thinking engagements to learn more about our approach and the potential outcomes you could experience by leveraging the framework.

Transforming the Customer Onboarding Experience Through Empathy-Led Design
The customer service and support team at one of the leading global healthcare solutions companies wanted to improve its onboarding experience to maintain competitiveness, relevance, and differentiation in marketplace. We leveraged Design Thinking to reimagine and optimize onboarding process, developing roadmap for “quick win” and long-term improvements.
Read it now.

Contact Us

Design Thinking can transform your business. If you’d like to discuss specific ways you can leverage the framework, or if have questions about how to develop a customer-centric model for your business, contact us at [email protected] or 484.383.0606 to schedule a complimentary 60-minute review and recommendation session.

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