Reimagining the patient experience.

For pioneers of the life sciences industry, the stakes have always been high. Now, as the market faces unprecedented disruption, the stakes are higher than ever. At Navigate, we help pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and healthcare organizations meet the evolving needs of their customers by elevating the patient experience.

As a life sciences leader, you are accustomed to pressure—from competitors, consumers and market forces. We understand the challenges you face and can help you to:

  • Move quickly and efficiently in a market driven by constant innovation
  • Maximize the value of your digital investments
  • Lower costs and improve cost management strategies
  • Improve diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) efforts
  • Reduce supply chain disruption and improve business continuity planning
  • Commercialize new life-saving products in the midst of change and uncertainty

We set and implement strategy in three specific areas: R&D, commercial and corporate functions. Each solution is tailored to fit your organization—we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions, and it’s our depth of experience in life sciences that enables us to recognize the nuances that will help you reach your goals.

Our Life Sciences solutions focus on:


We help organizations foster a culture of cross-functional collaboration to accelerate decision-making and the adoption of solutions to improve performance and cycle time. Our teams also apply human-centered design techniques to improve clinical trial efficiencies and patient engagement, and to facilitate supply chain optimization.


Launching new products and services efficiently and effectively is paramount, and we can help you deliver by leveraging our operating model framework, iterative approach and capability-building programs to shift mindsets and behaviors. We build personas and journey maps to redefine customer needs in a post-COVID era. Clients also count on us to optimize supply chains to enhance continuity planning, enable more accurate forecasting, and make data more accessible for business decisions around launches, marketing strategies and more. More broadly, we design new integrated operating models to reinvent field sales and break down organizational silos between sales, marketing, market access, regulatory and medical divisions and improve the customer and patient experience.

Corporate Functions

Whether you’re a growing entity preparing to scale quickly, or you’re an established life sciences organization, sustaining momentum is key. We partner with clients to develop and execute tailored DE&I strategies that align tactics with a vision for innovating new products, services and processes. We also implement tailored holistic digital strategies to drive better business performance and improve customer and patient experiences. Clients also turn to us to assess and implement workforce management strategies and to execute merger and integration initiatives that capture the full value of synergies in capabilities, pipeline, new therapeutic areas and new markets.

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