Life Sciences

Life Sciences

The life sciences industry is evolving at a rapid pace and you need to be prepared to mitigate the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that you’ll face.

The industry includes companies in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, and medical distribution, as well as contract research organizations (CROs) and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs). Navigate partners with these organizations to address their unique business challenges around mergers and integrations, research and development, regulatory and compliance, revenue and cost management, risk management, and change management.

From emerging to global organizations, we have the experience and flexible approach to develop tailored solutions to drive business goals. Our firm is proud to be part of the robust life sciences community in Greater Philadelphia, supporting the companies that are powering economic growth in the region.

Mergers & Integrations

The industry continues to see a strong trend of corporate mergers and acquisitions, particularly among pharma companies seeking to increase revenue capabilities, add to their R&D or drug portfolios, or create other profitable synergies. We utilize our extensive merger integration and change management capabilities and experience to ensure consolidations proceed seamlessly toward goal achievement.

R&D / Product Pipeline

Competition among life sciences companies to bring innovative products to market as soon as possible means development must operate at peak efficiency. The ability to engage customers and patients in new ways, assess R&D portfolios, and develop strategies to streamline the product development life cycle are essential for maintaining competitive advantage in this industry. Through our Design Thinking, digital transformation, and project management services, you will be empowered to collect, analyze, and use data for improved decision making, while driving impactful and relevant innovation.

Regulatory & Compliance

Lack of compliance with regulatory and legislative guidelines can damage your revenue and reputation, create safety risks, or even lead to criminal punishment or business collapse. Our capabilities help you to actively and appropriately monitor and adhere to relevant regulations, so that you can stay focused on your business.

Revenue & Cost Management

Pricing controls, regulatory pressures, various fees, and reporting requirements limit revenue growth for life sciences companies. We work collaboratively with you to reduce costs and improve business performance by assessing organizational design and driving functional optimization.

Risk Management

Life sciences companies must manage sensitive data and drive critical business decisions while mitigating risk. Our comprehensive risk management capabilities capture and assess areas of potential vulnerability, enabling us to develop a tailored solution to reduce your risk profile.

Change Management

As the life sciences industry evolves, many companies are routinely dealing with organizational change and transformation related to people, processes, or technology. Our approach is rooted in working towards a sustained change, with maximized adoption. We engage employees at all levels of your organization and address individual and organizational pain points and potential barriers to adoption of the change. In doing so, your organization and its leadership sponsors will be positioned for success now and for future change initiatives.

Change Management Done Right
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