Benefit from our cross-industry knowledge and expertise.

Our expansive perspective drives success and allows organizations to think bigger.

We partner with organizations to fully understand their unique position in the market, helping them navigate transformative change to create meaningful client and employee experiences that drive stronger financial and operational performance.

We’re proud to say we’ve worked with a wide array of organizations, who benefit from our cross-industry knowledge and the expansive perspective that we bring to each engagement. In particular, we have deep experience working with emerging and global organizations in industries that include life sciences, healthcare, financial services, higher education, energy and utilities, and manufacturing and distribution. Based on the breadth of our relationships as well as our experience, we have a unique perspective on what drives success.

See below to learn more about our experience related to specific industries. While this list is not exhaustive of all of the industries we serve, it highlights our broad base of knowledge and our ability to apply that knowledge to best serve all of our clients.

Life Sciences

The life sciences industry – encompassing pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, clinical research (CRO), contract manufacturing (CMO), and medical distribution companies – continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Organizations are constantly faced with pressures to improve patient outcomes, comply with government regulations, lower pricing, and retain top talent.

To meet these industry-wide challenges, we support leaders to manage and execute critical business transformation initiatives that include digital, cultural, technological, commercial, and M&I. Our deep expertise in specific areas such as serialization helps our clients achieve real value beyond just compliance.

Whether an emerging or established business, we work alongside your leaders with a focus on meaningful patient, customer, and employee experiences to establish a transformation vision and execute each step to deliver lasting results.


Healthcare organizations are experiencing a time of unprecedented challenge and opportunity. As the industry transitions from volume- to value-based care, and emerging technologies are more rapidly adopted, providers and payers must deal with industry consolidation, growing regulatory demands, new care delivery models, empowered patients, and shifts in the financial reimbursement environment.

We help organizations proactively address these changes, optimizing business and clinical outcomes to better engage patients and clinicians, enhance systems and processes, create bottom-line value, and advance healthcare delivery.

Financial Services

Financial organizations today are challenged to find innovative ways to compete in a highly competitive and increasingly digital market.

Whether a retail bank seeking to deepen existing customer relationships, an asset manager struggling with a painful customer onboarding process, or an insurer whose support teams need better information and tools to be effective, we help financial institutions solve complex issues to drive continuous improvement and more efficient operations.

Higher Education

In today’s fast-paced environment, higher education institutions are continuously evolving to remain competitive and provide a top-tier educational and research experience. By employing a collaborative and empathetic strategy, we help institutions transform their structures, processes, and technology to maximize the experience for students, faculty, and staff.

We offer practical, realistic, and flexible guidance that is uniquely tailored to an institution’s resources, budget, and capacity for change, enabling them to achieve both immediate and long-term goals.

Energy & Utilities

Organizations in this space are challenged to grow their business while contending with ongoing regulatory changes, fluctuating commodity prices, mergers and acquisitions, and emerging technologies. Further, aging infrastructure and employee demographic shifts will continue to lead organizations to transform their customer and employee experiences.

With deep knowledge of this industry and flexible delivery approaches, we provide objective advice to help organizations manage change in a sustainable way, supporting stakeholder and regulatory demands, promoting collaboration among a diverse and often unionized workforce, and ultimately achieving their business objectives.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Organizations that make or move products are in a unique position. Tax reform, economic conditions, and true innovation are providing well-positioned organizations the opportunity to grow and increase market share. At the same time, disruptive market competitors, trade policy changes, and emerging technologies are forcing organizations to consider their operating models and rethink their investment decisions. All of this is heightened by a tight labor market that is impacting talent from the shop floor to the corporate ranks.

We help organizations understand the impact of both digital and established technology to create meaningful strategies to better serve their customers and employees. Using practices such as Design Thinking and change management, we help shift mindsets and modify behaviors to enable transformative change across the business that facilitates success.

Change Management Done Right
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