How to Take the Pain Out of Performance Management

For many companies, the end of the year brings a bevy of administrative activities related to performance management. And, for a lot of employees, these are dreaded activities because they are time consuming and largely manual processes. Capturing feedback from throughout the organization about a team member’s performance, consolidating it, analyzing it to make merit-related decisions, and sharing it with appropriate stakeholders can be a daunting process.

First, you might search your email folders for messages related to an employee’s performance. Then you might have to find and analyze various spreadsheets related to compensation and core business objectives. After that, you might have to cross reference that data with documents that were completed by hand. Finally, you need to find a way to cohesively capture that information in one place so that you can share it.

If your HRIS platform isn’t set up to streamline this process, or if it doesn’t have the capability to do so, then the end-of-year review period will undoubtedly bring headaches. However, by optimizing your existing platform or implementing a new one to more efficiently capture feedback and calibrate responses, then you can:

– Save valuable time and resources by streamlining the performance management process
– More easily analyze and assess employee performance
– Make critical decisions about compensation and control enterprise-wide spend
– Enhance the performance review process for both reviewers and reviewees
– Make more confident decisions about promotions and succession planning

If you want to enable your HRIS platform – existing or new – to take the pain out of your year-end review process, we can help. Start 2019 with a platform in place that will make your performance management process more efficient and effective. Contact me at [email protected] or 484.383.0606 to learn more.

Dave Driscoll, Senior Manager

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