How to Assess Your HRIS Platform to Plan for 2019

You’re planning your enterprise-wide initiatives and budget for next year – have you considered your current HRIS platform and the associated costs? While the functionality of the platform may have a focused, day-to-day impact on Human Resources – benefits, recruiting, performance management, payroll, reporting and analytics, etc. – the investment in the platform has a much wider-reaching impact across finance, IT, and directly on your employees.

As you consider your 2019 plans and spend, it’s worth assessing your current HRIS platform to determine if you’re truly experiencing the return on investment you initially planned for and the potential cost savings an efficient platform can facilitate.

Are You Confident in Your Current Platform(s)?

Your HRIS platform is more than just a database of employee and company information; the information it contains should be easily managed and accessed to drive decision making and control risk, particularly around employee attrition and retention.

As you assess your current system here’s what you need to consider.

If you have a single platform in place:
– Are you achieving the efficiencies you anticipated when you selected the system?
– Are you appropriately leveraging all of system’s features to get the most value out of it?
– Do your team members have complaints and experience issues with the system that you’re unsure how to address?
– Do you leverage data from the system to inform organization-wide strategy?
– Are there impending organizational changes that could inhibit the system’s ability to meet your needs?

If you have multiple, disparate systems in place to operate your core HR and finance business processes:
– Do you frequently find data mismatches between your solution sets?
– Are any of those systems costly to maintain or scheduled to be decommissioned in the near future?
– Do your team members have to perform workarounds or time-consuming manual processes to gather the insights they need to run your business?
– Are there impending organizational changes that could inhibit the systems’ ability to meet your needs?

Take the upfront time now to talk to your team members, identify their pain points, and consider the changes that need to be made to best serve your needs. Making room in the budget to implement a new system or optimize a current system could lead to significant cost savings over the long term.

2019 HRIS Planning

Navigate can help you optimize your current solution or assess and implement alternatives so that your HRIS platform enables outstanding end user experiences, informs business strategies, helps to control spending, and delivers cost savings. We will partner with you to implement a fully integrated change management program and help to set in place the processes required to drive real value and experience the outcomes identified in the initial business case.

You might be surprised by the time and money you can save in 2019 with a more effective HRIS platform in place. Reach out to me at [email protected] or 484.383.0606 and we can start the due diligence process required to find the right solution for your organization’s needs.

Dave Driscoll, Senior Manager

Change Management Done Right
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