From Chaos to Control: New eBook Spotlights 6 Ways to Simplify Your Supply Chain
August 19, 2020
August 19, 2020

If you’re a supply chain leader, you’ve more than likely had many long days and restless nights in recent months. The coronavirus pandemic came into Q2 swinging, and it’s since landed several crippling blows to global supply chains.

Chaos has trumped control for most supply chain leaders this year. For many of our clients, best-laid plans coming into 2020 have long since been scrapped and rewritten. But amidst the upheaval, there is opportunity. The golden kind. The chance for supply chain leaders to do what they’ve always known needed to be done – but couldn’t pull off previously.

As supply chain horror stories have dominated headlines and captured consumers’ attention, business leaders are taking particular note. Supply chain management is now moving beyond the newsroom to the boardroom, as C-level leaders focus on future-proofing their supply networks to prevent further disruption and profit loss.

With newfound buy-in from the top brass, supply chain leaders can really dig in. One of the best opportunities? Using simplification as a wedge to improve performance.

With our latest eBook, From Chaos to Control: 6 Ways to Simplify Your Supply Chain, we tell it like it is. How it is that our supply chains became so frightfully complicated. The forces at work that tend to hold us back from simplifying and building resilience ahead of the next disruption. Most importantly, six actions to push past these obstacles.

The pandemic isn’t the first event to test the resilience of our global supply chain structure, and it won’t be the last. Identifying and understanding the impact of supply chain complexity will help you focus and target your improvement areas, and with any luck, it will help prevent you from improving what you shouldn’t be doing in the first place.

More control, less chaos. It’s the focus of the work we do with clients every day, and especially important for supply chain leaders. This eBook should help you get started on the route to simplification. And maybe – just maybe – cut back on the number of restless nights. Need an ear or a word of advice? We’re here, and ready to help.