Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Are you supporting the needs of your customers – or your business?

Is Design Thinking right for your organization? Do you:

  • Need to increase engagement with customers or key end users?
  • Struggle to foster alignment between product, sales, operations, and technology teams to deliver products and services?
  • Experience difficulty identifying new and innovative solutions for the marketplace?
  • Struggle to differentiate your products and services from key competitors?
  • Have a complicated organizational structure that delays bringing new products and services to market in a timely, efficient manner?


If your answer to any of those questions is “yes,” then Design Thinking can help. We apply a unique approach to Design Thinking, starting with understanding your unique situation.

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Rather than traditional product and solution methods that start with an end state in mind, Design Thinking revolves around empathy and focuses on the true understanding of an audience. A Design-led approach addresses existing pain points and improves user experiences (both internal and external) with products, tools, processes, and experiences that support their needs, not just the needs of the business.

This focus on user experience – through empathetic discovery and iterative delivery – is what sets Design Thinking apart. At Navigate, we offer a broad suite of Design Thinking services to drive real business value and meaningful customer experiences.

  • Academy and Advisory – A dedicated training program to get your team up-to-speed on the principles of Design Thinking with follow-on guidance and advice to help embed Design Thinking within your organization.
  • Consulting Services – We own and execute a Design Thinking program for your organization.



Why Navigate

We don’t believe in prescriptive methodologies. We apply the Design Thinking process as a flexible framework to deliver creative solutions. The concepts of empathy and iteration are woven into everything we do as a firm and every phase of an engagement.

Because we view the framework as flexible, we implement several additional steps depending on the needs of your organization. In the beginning of an engagement, we place a high priority on research, taking the time up front to understand each unique organization and the opportunities and challenges for which we are solving.

After an idea has been successfully prototyped and tested, we work side-by-side with you to build and execute solutions, monitor their impacts, and make adjustments in real time.

So that old habits don’t come rearing back to life, we don’t just deliver program outcomes; we also offer ongoing coaching, advisory services, and (sometimes) tough love to ensure that the Design discipline is instilled and applied across your organization.

Meet the Team

Our Design Thinking team has the experience needed to bring true value to your organization.

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